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Millions of dollars in personal injury claims awarded… Our Results speak for themselves!

Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyers

If you are in need of a car accident lawyer, wrongful death, malpractice, truck accident, car wrecks or motorcycle accidents attorney, or if you need a slip and fall personal injury lawyer or a workers’ comp lawyer, our Phoenix law firm has any type accident lawyer you need.

We have awarded MILLIONS in personal injury settlements…Let us focus on fighting the insurance company so that you can focus on getting better.

We have a personal injury attorney that will provide professional and aggressive client defense.

Millions of dollars in personal injury claims awarded… Our Results speak for themselves!

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Phoenix Car Accident Lawyer

Car Accidents - Phoenix, AZ

A car accident can happen to anyone, at anytime. If you experience a car wreck in Phoenix, a Phoenix car accident lawyer can help you. With more than 4,882,000 drivers licensed in the state of Arizona in the year 2014 alone, according to the ( a ref – Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division ) , car wrecks are inevitable. If you are the victim of a Phoenix automobile accident, Phoenix car accident lawyers can help. Contact our Phoenix law firm today to speak to a qualified auto accident attorney. We have the best car accident lawyers in Phoenix and the surrounding areas.

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Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer

Getting big personal Injury settlements in Phoenix

A Phoenix Personal injury lawyer can help file a claim for workThe U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that there were 31 million unintentional injury emergency room visits in the year 2013, and 130,557 unintentional injury deaths. These unintentional deaths were unintentional fall deaths, car accidents, unintentional poisoning deaths, and unintentional firearm deaths. While all of these death types are very tragic, based on Arizona personal injury law it may warrant a personal injury claim depending upon how they occurred. If you think you are a victim in need of a malpractice attorney, or have a case under Arizona personal injury law, or want to file a wrongful death lawsuit and need a medical malpractice attorney, contact our Phoenix personal law firm today for the personal injury protection you need. Our personal injury solicitors will help you win the settlement or we don’t get paid.

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Phoenix Workers' Comp Lawyer

Helping Phoenix employees get the workers' comp settlement they deserve.

If you experienced a work injury and need the services of a Phoenix workers’ comp lawyer, our personal injury law firm has a Phoenix workers’ comp attorney that can help you.

Work accident injuries are common, in fact, hundreds of workers are injured on the job every year, both in the state of Arizona and throughout the United States as a whole. While many of these workplace injuries are caused as a result of safety violations (often on the behalf of the employer), each state has implemented workers’ compensation laws that bar injured workers from filing lawsuits against their employers. Instead, workers’ compensation systems allow for an injured worker to seek compensation for his or her injuries through workers’ compensation insurance regardless of the injured worker’s fault. This trade off protects injured workers who are harmed on the job, as well as employers from liability, however, when disagreements arise, the services of workers’ comp lawyers may be required. A workman comp lawyer can help win fair settlements from the insurance companies.

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