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How to Deal With Insurance Adjusters

When you have been in a car accident, the last thing that you want to deal with is an insurance adjuster that does not have your best interests at heart. Unfortunately, dealing with an insurance adjuster is a reality of a car accident claim, and is a necessity if you want to recover compensation for the extent of damages that you have suffered. While you must deal with your insurance adjuster, there is something very important that you need to keep in mind in your interactions: the insurance adjuster is looking for any and all ways to reduce your claim and settlement amount. Here are some tips when dealing with the insurance adjuster:

Stick to the Facts

Not matter how tempting it may be to tell the insurance adjuster something that you think, but are not quite positive about, do not; when you stray from the facts, the insurance adjuster can use this information against you at a later date. Rather than saying something that you are not sure about, only provide the insurance adjuster with exactly what you know, and nothing else. Furthermore, do not provide information or answers to questions that you are not asked. And if you are asked a question to which you do not know the answer, simply say, “I do not know.” This way, the insurance adjuster cannot trap you in a verbal faux pas at a later point.

Remain Polite and Professional

There is no doubt about it – dealing with an insurance adjuster can be incredibly frustrating. But while you may be tempted to raise your voice, yell, or make accusatory or just plain rude statements, resist; doing so will only hurt, not help, your claim. When you interact with your insurance adjuster, keep the interactions as professional, succinct, and cordial as possible.

Keep it Professional – Do Not Accept Friend Requests on Social Media

Believe it or not, your insurance adjuster may try to follow you on a variety of social media sites in order to gain information about your life that can be used against you at a later date. It is within your best interests to not accept any friend requests from your insurance adjuster or other people whom you do not know during the claims process. (Furthermore, you should also temporarily suspend your social media activity during this time period altogether).

Hire an Attorney to Advocate On Your Behalf

Finally, you do not have to deal with an insurance adjuster on your own; you can hire a car accident attorney who can represent you during the entire process. A car accident attorney can present evidence on your behalf, represent you during discussions about the accident, advise you on how to interact with your insurance adjuster, and negotiate for a higher settlement amount if your claim is lowballed. To protect your best interests, reach out to a car accident attorney in Phoenix as soon as possible after a car accident.

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