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Do I Have to Take Time Off for a Work Injury?

You do not have to take time off when you are injured at work. However, if your injury does not require you to miss work, then you likely will not be compensated for any lost wages; instead, you may only recover benefits for the cost of the medical treatment that you received.
If your injury is severe enough that you are prevented from working, then you should absolutely refrain from going into the office; your right to take work off when you are injured is legally protected. However, keep in mind that you will not be compensated for any days that you miss work unless your injury prevents you from going into work for more than seven days. If you miss work due to your injury for more than 14 days, then pay for the first seven days of missed work is retroactive – i.e. you will receive back pay for those days. The rate that you will be compensated at is equal to 66.66 percent of your average monthly wage. However, you are not allowed to receive more than 66.66 percent of $4,337.82 per month per 2015 Industrial Commission of Arizona laws, or approximately $2,891.89. This is true even if you make far more than this amount per month.


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