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How Much Is My Injury Claim Worth

Most people want to know exactly how much their claim is worth up front; this is normal, and is often used as a factor in determining whether or not your case is worth pursuing in the first place. While we cannot provide you with what we believe your case to be worth without a thorough investigation, we can tell you what types of damages you may be able to recover, and how those damages are typically calculated.

Let us begin with this: ideally, a personal injury claim is worth every penny of loss that you have suffered. This of course includes economic losses, but also extends to noneconomic losses as well. Furthermore, it also includes the value of future losses, such as future wages or retirement benefits that you will no longer receive as a direct result of your injury.

However, not all personal injury claims are resolved in an ideal manner, and your personal injury claim may end up yielding less than it is actually worth. That is because while you may have suffered x amount of losses, your compensation amount can be reduced by your proportion of fault if you did anything to contribute to the occurrence of your injury. It is important to understand that your injury claim will only be worth the amount of losses that was caused by the other party; you are usually not eligible to recover compensation for injuries for which you yourself are to blame.

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