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Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer

Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer

If you are looking for a Phoenix personal injury lawyer that will not charge a fee unless he wins the case, consider an accident injury solicitor. Accident injury solicitors handle personal injury accident claims. The only Way the accident, or personal injury lawyer solicitor gets paid is if he/she wins the personal injury settlement.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that there were 31 million unintentional injury emergency room visits in the year 2013, and 130,557 unintentional injury deaths. These unintentional deaths were unintentional fall deaths, car accidents, unintentional poisoning deaths, and unintentional firearm deaths.

While all of these death types are very tragic, and may warrant a personal injury claim depending upon how they occurred, what the CDC fails to keep data for is the number of personal injury events, injuries, and deaths that do not fall within one of the category types above, such as as an injury caused by a defective product, or by an unsafe property. When you are injured in Phoenix, you have the right to seek compensation for all accident and injury types if the injury was caused by the negligence of another person. While you are not obligated to file an accident injury claim to recover compensation, doing so is almost always within your best interest, and can help you to recover the money that you need to pay your medical bills, pay for your future treatments, or live and pay for basic comforts while you are unable to work.

Why Do Personal Injuries Happen?

Sure, some injuries are purely accidental. You stub your toe, walk into the door without looking, lose your balance, burn yourself while cooking dinner, etc. In accidents like these, usually no one is really to blame. However, there are other types of personal injuries that would not have occurred but for the irresponsible actions of another party. In these accident types, like a car accident that is caused by defective tires, there usually is someone to blame. The truth is that most serious personal injuries are preventable, and happen only because a party fails to act with a proper amount of care. When this occurs, the injured party should seek the best personal injury lawyer to file a claim against the other party’s insurance, or to file an injury lawsuit directly against the at fault party. These type of personal injury lawsuits are known as a tort lawsuits, a type of action that is filed in civil court usually by an personal injury lawyer.

Anyone can be guilty of negligence that leads to a personal injury. You are not barred from filing a claim against an individual or an entity based on that person’s/entity’s status. For example, you have the right to file a claim against any individual, party, or entity that causes your injury, including a private business, a corporation, a public organization, a nonprofit organization, a government entity, or an individual citizen.

Specialized Personal Injury Law Firms – A Personal Injury Lawyer can Help with Lawsuits Involving Head Trauma & Spinal Cord or Birth Injury

Filing a lawsuit is not an easy thing to do. In fact, filing a lawsuit can be time consuming, emotionally exhausting, and–depending upon whom you hire for legal representation–expensive. That being said, filing a lawsuit may be the “right” thing for you to do. If you are on the fence about filing a lawsuit for a brain injury, or a birth related injury due to negligence, “specialty” attorneys should be hired.

For example a birth injury attorney would specialize in birth injury related lawsuits, and a brain injury attorney would handle injuries involving injury to the brain, and of course, for a spinal cord injury you should contact a spinal cord injury attorney. A traumatic brain injury lawyer could sometimes face a challenge proving actual brain injury, so, this is all the more reason to find the best personal injury lawyer firm and choose a personal injury solicitor to handle the head injuyr case. This way he gets paid according to the level of his success in the settlement.

Free personal injury advice is available from a qualified Phoenix personal accident injury lawyer. Our Phoenix injury law firm has an accident injury lawyer that handles unusual accidents caused by negligence. We have lawyers that can help you to learn more about the benefits of filing a accident injury claim. However, you should know right now that filing a personal injury suit may be the only way for you to recover the money that you deserve after an accident. This money is not just limited to compensation for your medical bills, but also compensation for your future medical bills, other financial losses, lost wages, and even the anguish that you have experienced.

Filing a lawsuit can also help you to provide for your family, which is one of the most pressing reasons that many people decide to take civil action. If you have dependent children, parents, or a spouse and are injured, your injury may greatly disturb your ability to financially and emotionally provide for those that you love most. When you file a claim and are able to recover the money to which you are entitled, you can provide for your family the things that they need most. This includes things like food, shelter, clothing, education, medicine, healthcare, and more. You may be also to recover enough money to provide for them in the event that you are unable to continue working, or suffer from an early death as the direct result of your injury.

Filing a lawsuit also can help to raise awareness about the dangers of something. For example, if you were injured on an amusement park ride, your claim may bring attention to the dangers of ill-maintained park rides or a specific company or park. By bringing attention to a potential risk or danger, you may be protecting other people’s lives. And, finally, filing a lawsuit holds a negligent party responsible for the harm that they have caused you, and potentially caused others as well.

But Isn’t Filing a Personal Injury Claim Really Expensive?

Many people believe, and some rightfully so, that filing a personal injury claim is very expensive. In some cases, this is true; hiring an attorney that charges up front or hourly fees, paying hundreds of dollars to recruit experts and collect evidence, and court fees can all quickly add up. And if your settlement is not successful, you may end up worse off financially than you would have had you not gone to court.

But this is the exception, not the rule. Filing a lawsuit does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. This is especially true when you hire an attorney who works on a contingency fee basis. Working on a contingency fee means that the attorney will not charge you unless your case is successful, and even then, it is an agreed upon amount that is based upon a percentage of your case winnings. In a contingency fee system, if you do not win your personal injury claim and receive a settlement amount, your attorney will not get paid either.

This free guide will help you to understand exactly what a personal injury claim is, and will provide a thorough explanation of all of the subtopic areas listed below:

  • Personal Injury Statute of Limitations: A personal injury statute of limitations is the amount of time that the law provides for you to file your claim against the at-fault party. The time limit varies state-by-state, but if you do not file your claim within your state’s statute of limitations, you will be completely barred from recovering compensation. In some cases, a court may extend the statute of limitations is extenuating circumstances apply.
  • Different Types of Personal Injury Cases: No two personal injury cases are alike. That being said, most personal injury claims fall within a specific personal injury case type. Some of the most common personal injury case types are slip and fall cases, wrongful death, defective product cases, premises liability cases, car accidents, dog bites, intentional torts, and medical malpractice.
  • How Much Is My Injury Claim Worth?: The most pressing question that most people have after they have sustained an injury in Phoenix is what their claim is worth, and whether or not filing a claim is even worth the hassle. While we cannot tell you what your claim is worth without talking with you specifically, we can tell you what damages are available in a personal injury claim and how damages are calculated.
  • Negligence Under Arizona State Law: The foundation of most personal injury claims is negligence. Negligence means that a person failed to exercise reasonable care in a given situation. In most cases, if you cannot prove the negligence of the at fault party, you cannot hold that party liable for your injuries, and therefore cannot recover compensation.
  • Wrongful Death Cases: Sometimes, the wrongful act of another will lead to a victim’s death. When this is the case, the surviving family members of the deceased have the right to bring forth a wrongful death claim for compensation. We can help you understand situations where a wrongful death case is warranted, what compensation you are entitled to after you lose a loved one, how to prove negligence, and more.
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  • Dog Bites: A dog bite or attack can catch you off guard and leave you seriously injured and permanently scarred. Because the state of Arizona implements a strict liability dog bite statute, meaning that the owner of a dog is responsible for damages caused the by dog, regardless of negligence, you have the right to seek compensation directly from the dog’s owner. However, negligence based claims are also possible. A Phoenix personal injury attorney can guide you through the differences and advantages of both.
  • Intentional Torts: An intentional tort refers to an action against another person that causes bodily harm and that is intentional in nature. While many intentional torts, such as assault, battery, fraud, rape, trespass, etc. are crimes, a victim of an intentional tort can also file a claim for damages against the defendant in civil court as well.
  • Determining Damages in a Personal Injury Claim: Determining damages in a personal injury claim refers to what damages a victim may be entitled to recover, as well as how much. In general, victims are eligible to seek damages for both economic and noneconomic losses that they have suffered or will suffer as a direct result of their injury. More details about determining damages in a personal injury claim will be discussed below.
  • Determining Who Is at Fault for an Injury: Knowing who is at fault for a personal injury is one of the biggest parts of a personal injury claim – if you cannot place fault on a responsible party, then you will be unable to hold that party liable and thereby recover compensation. Unfortunately, knowing who is at fault is not always straightforward, and in many cases, there are multiple parties involved who may be partially to blame.
  • Should I Sign Insurance Release?: An insurance release refers to an agreement between you and an insurance company that stipulates that the insurance company will agree to pay your settlement amount in exchange for you releasing them from civil action. While you may want to sign an insurance release at some point, you should never sign an insurance release without having it looked over by an attorney first.
  • How Do I Pay Medical Bills After Sustaining an Injury?: When you have been injured, the first thing that should do is to seek medical attention, regardless of whether or not you have health insurance, especially if your injuries are severe or life-threatening. However, incurring medical bills can be a scary thing, and you likely have questions about how these medical bills will be paid. There are a few different avenues for recovering compensation for medical expenses, including your own health insurance, the insurance of the at-fault driver (car insurance, property insurance, etc.), or by filing a lawsuit.
  • Do I Have to Go to Court to Get a Settlement?: No, you do not have to go to court to get a settlement in all cases, but in other cases, going to court may be unavoidable. The latter is true in the event that a fair out of court settlement amount cannot be reached that fully addresses the losses that you have suffered. If your claim needs to go to court, an attorney can guide you through how to prepare and what you should expect.
  • Can I Negotiate My Injury Claim Myself?: There is no law that prevents you from negotiating your injury claim yourself. That being said, doing so can be more harmful than helpful to your case. We will discuss the benefits of a legal representative on your side in more detail below.
  • Personal Injury FAQs: You probably have dozens of questions about your personal injury claim; we understand, and we have answers to all of them. Read our FAQ section to find the answers to your most pressing questions.

Personal Injury Firm – A Personal Injury Lawyer Can File a Personal Injury Compensation Claim for You

If you are in need of a personal injury lawyer that is familiar with head injuries, or a slip and fall injury lawyer, we even have car injury lawyers that specialize in car injury accidents in Phoenix. We have the best personal injury attorneys in our Phoenix personal injury firms. Our injury claims lawyers can help you collect the biggest settlement in personal injury damages. So contact a Phoenix personal injury lawyer to set up a FREE CONSULTATION today.

All of the topic areas above will be expanded on in more depth below, and guide you through everything that you need to know about the process of recovering your accident injury compensation. If our Phoenix personal injury guide fails to address an aspect of your personal injury claim settlement, do not hesitate to contact us online or contact a Phoenix personal injury lawyer for more information and for a free personal injury liability consultation.

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