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5 of the Most Common Injuries Caused By Car Accidents in Phoenix

Being involved in a car accident in Phoenix can be a traumatizing experience. And car accidents can happen in many different ways, which is why they can cause a wide variety of injuries. In many instances, people don’t realize just how severe of an injury they’ve sustained.


Since people often don’t immediately realize the scope or significance of their injuries after a car accident, we hope to shine light on this issue by looking at five common injuries caused by auto accidents in Phoenix:


  1. Neck & Back Injuries: One of the most common injuries that stems from car accidents is whiplash. This injury occurs when a person’s neck stretches and then quickly snaps back into place. Whiplash can result from a car abruptly stopping or accelerating during an accident. This specific injury can cause damage to the discs, ligaments or vertebrae. A common misconception about whiplash is that when it occurs after a mild to moderate accident, it may only cause temporary discomfort. In reality, this type of whiplash still has the potential to cause chronic pain that negatively impacts an individual’s quality of life.


  1. Brain Injuries: An auto accident can cause a sudden blow to the head. The amount of force created by this type of accident can cause a traumatic brain injury. Brain injuries can range from a concussion that naturally heals in a matter of weeks to a significant injury that causes permanent impairment to a vital function like speech or memory control.


  1. Various Head Injuries: In addition to brain injuries, damage can also occur to other areas of the head. That damage includes an eye injury that leads to vision loss or mouth injuries that cause someone to lose some of their teeth.


  1. Chest Injuries: Although seat belts and the placement of airbags in both steering wheels and dashboards has reduced chest injuries, a crash can still result in a broken sternum or ribs. This type of impact can cause additional internal trauma in nearby areas.


  1. Leg, Knee or Foot Injuries: When one car hits another in a specific spot, there’s a very high likelihood that it will cause a moderate to severe injury to a person’s leg, knee or foot. Fractures and breaks to these areas often occur during a Phoenix car accident.


The Best Way to Protect Yourself After a Car Accident in Phoenix


If you’re involved in a car accident in Phoenix, don’t assume that you weren’t injured just because you don’t notice any immediate signs of pain. It’s actually possible for someone to be seriously injured and not realize it due to shock. Your best option is to have an examination by a knowledgeable medical professional. If a doctor determines that you did sustain an injury, focus on your recovery instead of worrying about the medical bills. You should also contact a car accident attorney in Phoenix. Enlisting this type of legal help is by far the best way to protect your interests in regards to the accident.

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