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Answers to Questions About Phoenix Personal Injury Claims

You may want to contact a Phoenix personal injury lawyer if you have been injured on the job or by someone’s negligence. Getting injured in Phoenix can leave someone with a lot of questions about what they should do next. Whether the injury is the result of a car accident or falling while outside, the medical bills and other expenses associated with a personal injury claim often makes people feel overwhelmed. If you’re in this position, the best thing you can do is get information about the next steps to take. Since it’s normal to feel like you’re searching for lots of answers, here are some of the ones that come up most frequently with these cases:


Should You Hire a Phoenix Attorney or Represent Yourself?


Although some personal injury claims go all the way to court, many others are settled directly with insurance companies. The fact that so many personal injury claims are settled often leaves people with the impression that they can secure the compensation they’re owed on their own. While that may be possible in some situations, it’s generally far harder to deal with insurance companies than most people expect. Avoiding even more stress and ensuring that the best possible settlement is secured is why you should seek help from a Phoenix personal injury attorney instead of trying to represent yourself during negotiations or in court.


When is the Right Time to Meet with a Lawyer in Phoenix?


There’s a lot that goes into building a strong personal injury claim. That’s why it’s always best to meet with a Phoenix lawyer sooner rather than later. By getting a professional on your side, you can be confident that things won’t be overlooked which could end up negatively impacting your claim.


How Much Should You Budget for a Personal Injury Attorney?


If someone is charged with a crime like driving under the influence, they’re going to have to pay a flat fee if they want a lawyer to represent their case. With personal injury claims, almost all lawyers take a different approach to billing. Instead of charging an upfront fee, they will meet with a potential client and do a free claim evaluation. If the lawyer determines that the individual has a valid claim, they will take them on as a client with a contingency fee.


The way that a contingency fee works is the lawyer won’t take any money upfront. Instead, the lawyer representing a client will only get paid if the client’s claim is settled or awarded compensation in court. At that point, the lawyer will then take their previously agreed upon amount. What makes this arrangement very appealing to anyone who needs a personal injury attorney to represent their claim is that it eliminates the need to pay out of pocket. It also gives the attorney handling the case a very clear incentive to do everything in their power to get the client what he or she deserves.


If you have any additional questions about the specifics of your claim, the best way to get answers is by contacting a Phoenix personal injury attorney for a free consultation.

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