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Can An Individual File Their Own Personal Injury Claim in Phoenix?

The term personal injury refers to a variety of different legal cases. Product defect accidents, slip and fall accidents and car accidents are just a few examples of incidents that can fall under the personal injury umbrella. While these incidents may seem quite different from each other, they all share a common thread. That thread is someone being injured and someone else being at fault for the injury.


When an individual sustains a serious injury, their worries generally aren’t limited to recovering. They also have to worry about the significant medical bills that usually go along with medical treatment. And even once someone has recovered from their primary injury, they may still experience physical or mental problems on an ongoing basis. Getting fair compensation for all of those issues is the purpose of filing a personal injury claim.


Understanding the Personal Injury Claim Process


Given all of the stress that’s associated with an accident and what happens afterwards, people often have a lot of questions about what they can do to begin the process of pursuing the compensation they deserve. One question that often comes up in regards to personal injury claims in Phoenix is if an individual can handle this filing on their own.


Although it’s technically possible for someone to file their own claim, that’s not what’s going to be in their best interest. A personal injury claim is a legal matter that involves many different elements. All of those elements can be quite complicated for someone who doesn’t do this type of work on a regular basis. Minimizing those complications is one of the reasons it’s best to not file on your own and instead seek the representation of a personal injury lawyer in Phoenix.


Despite the fact that a Phoenix lawyer can use their experience to guide a client through this entire process, the most common reason people are interested in handling it themselves is they’re concerned about paying for a lawyer’s services. The good news is lawyers who specialize in this type of law understand the financial challenges personal injury victims face, which is why they don’t charge an upfront fee. Instead, they only collect a payment if they secure compensation for their clients.


Working with a Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer After a Car or Other Accident


Since working with a Phoenix personal injury lawyer doesn’t require out-of-pocket expenses, it’s easy to understand why enlisting the help of a professional is the optimal way to go after a car or other accident. In terms of getting started after a car accident like one that happened in north Phoenix recently, lawyers in this field offer a free consultation to potential clients.


By contacting a personal injury lawyer in Phoenix, you’ll be able to discuss the specifics of your potential claim with a knowledgeable professional. Then if the lawyer agrees to represent you, they’ll take care of everything from filing your claim to negotiating on your behalf with insurance companies.

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