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Most Common Workplace Injuries in Phoenix

Workplace injuries are a common occurrence. Not only manufacturing plants, but also in offices and the roadways as some workers carry out their duties by driving heavy-duty trucks. The good news is, Arizona, like other places in the United States, mandates virtually all its employers to carry the workers’ comp insurance that’ll cover these unforeseen injuries or illnesses.

However, employers can sometimes deny claims if they can establish an illness or injury isn’t work-related. This is one of the reasons Phoenix injury lawyers are best suited in handling these claims. This article will sensitize you to common injuries that have led to claims being filed under Arizona workers’ compensation. While the list is not exhaustive, it will undoubtedly give you an idea if you or your loved one’s ever gets involved in an injury or illness that may require filing claims.

Classification of Injuries/Illnesses

Work-related injuries or illnesses can be classified into two. Some happen suddenly and others develop over time. Many people think only diseases or illnesses develop over a long period. However, injuries, pain, or impairment in any part of the body can also take some time before the symptoms begin to show up. This scenario is one of the reasons why employees need to bring a competent injury lawyer into the picture.

Injuries/Illnesses That Happen Suddenly

The following workplace injuries happen suddenly, and symptoms usually appear quickly.


Fractures or broken bones are very painful and may sometimes require surgery to get the affected person back in shape. Depending on the severity of the fracture, an employee may find it difficult to return to their normal duties. If you work in a manufacturing environment, slips, falls, objects striking a person, body parts caught in working machinery, etc., are all common scenarios that may lead to broken bones.

Also, workers who discharge their duties by driving cars or trucks may only be prone to this type of injury as many non-fatal auto accidents have reportedly led to broken bones. When this type of injury happens, there are almost no controversies about claims, especially when it happened during work hours. Still, you should get an experienced injury lawyer involved.

Spinal cord injury

This is one of the most severe injuries filed under workers’ compensation. They often involve expensive medical bills and a long journey to recovery. They may be caused by falls from a relatively high surface to a lower one, roadway accidents, faulty machinery in factories, etc. Spinal cord injuries may be complete, where the affected employee may never walk/use their limbs anymore or can be incomplete.

Sprains and strains

Job functions that involve lifting, carrying, pulling, or pushing heavy objects may cause immediate sprains or strains to a worker. Factory workers, firefighters, oil-rig workers, etc, are usually exposed to everyday sprain/strain-causing work. If you notice intense pain at any joints or body parts after a hard day’s work, it’s not a bad idea to head to a medical facility. You should also seek the opinion of an attorney if you should file a claim.


This injury type can either be from direct fire or contact with corrosive chemicals like acid. Firefighters, chemical plants employees, and virtually all employees that work for places with potential fire disasters are at risk here.

Injuries/Illnesses That Develop Over Time

The symptoms of these illnesses and injuries may take longer to appear, and your condition could worsen over time.

Brain injury

Again, falls, slips, objects hitting the head, car accidents, etc., may all be sources of trauma to the head. While they may not appear serious at the time of the injury, many workers have developed serious complications over time, impairing their ability to earn a decent living.

Symptoms of brain injuries can be mild or severe. The former can show up in the form of periodic headaches, nausea, fatigue, dizziness, etc. As you may agree, these symptoms may easily be swept under fever. On the other hand, moderate or severe brain injuries may lead to periodic loss of consciousness, seizures, loss or impairment in motor function, numbness, etc.

Sprain, strain, internal bruising

These injuries develop when a worker has been overstretched due to repetitive use of a body part directly involved with carrying out day-to-day job functions. Symptoms include back pain, joint pain, muscle pain, etc. A very common injury associated with repetitive use of a body part is carpal tunnel syndrome. It’s more common among those that work in offices.


Working in factories where there are large noises of machine parts or as a customer care person exposed to long hours of earphone usage in attending to customers can develop hearing impairment or even deafness. This condition may not almost always do not happen immediately.

Organ damage/disease

From lung diseases to cancer, and even neurological damage, firefighters and many factory workers, where toxic chemicals are made, are usually at risk of organ damage. Mostly, the symptoms of these diseases only appear over time. So you should be ready to file claims if you notice them. What’s more, you may also be entitled to compensation if your current job worsens a disease or illness you previously had before starting the job.

Let Us Assist You With Your Claim

A workplace injury can happen to anyone. As you now realize, many illnesses or injuries may not develop suddenly. When they do, you need all the help you can get. It’s best to let experienced Phoenix injury lawyers handle your claims. You will not only get personalized service if you need them to come to your home but also the best outcome for your claims.

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