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Riding A Motorcycle In Phoenix: Best Practices for the Road

The state of Arizona provides an amazing motorcycle-riding experience for its lovers round the year. However, safety is key. If you are on your motorcycle, enjoying the Phoenix wind hug you, you can’t help but notice the ever-present risk out there. It’s almost too easy for car or truck drivers to not notice bikers. While not paying attention is a problem on the part of many car and truck drivers, bikers’ flash movement across roadways is also a problem.

Also, common knowledge of motorcycle safety is lacking. Yearly, the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) reports hundreds of motorcycle collision investigations with tens of fatalities. Trust us, you need to adhere on the side of safety if you want to ride your motorcycle in Arizona. That said, this article will help you with some of the best practices for driving a motorcycle in Phoenix, Arizona, and the need for Phoenix injury lawyers in the case of a road accident.

Dress bright to stand out

As a motorcycle owner and rider, you’ll agree with us that your means of movement is one of the smallest on the roadways. You can easily be an issue for other road users like bus, truck, and car drivers. The fact that these other road users may be distracted or drowsy is also a problem.

That said, the need to make yourself very visible can’t be overemphasized. Wearing bright or reflective colors will help improve visibility, i.e., make other road users notice you easily. We know black leather looks cool and it seems like a default uniform for many bike riders, but adding some reflective or fluorescent design to your black leather might just help improve how other road users see you.

What’s more, black attire can blend completely with the night, especially when you ride a black motorcycle. So, you’ll do well to adopt colorful and reflective material during the night. That’s not all; make sure your helmet and bike also stand out with bright colors.

Don’t Drink Or Use Drugs while riding

Yes, it’s against the law to drive under the influence. While this tip may sound obvious, we can’t overemphasize it.  Alcohol and other mind-altering substances have the ability to impair your motorcycle-riding abilities. All it takes is a one-time riding under the influence to get involved in a collision that may even be fatal.

What’s more, alcohol and drugs can also impair your judgment. What you may naturally choose to be careful about without alcohol may appear like something you should unnecessarily be irrational about. If you are under influence, you may find it hard to keep simple riding rules like allowing enough safe distance between you and the next road user/driver.

It allows you enough room to react or maneuver to safety in the case of unforeseen scenarios. Altogether, you’ll do well to follow other traffic laws for your safety. Examples of some Arizona motorcycle-specific laws includes:

Don’t do the Zig-Zag movement in traffic

The zig-zag motorcycle movement is common in movies when the bad guys start to chase the good guys, or a good guy is racing against time to save the day. You don’t need that. You relatively smaller size compared to other road users can make it tempting to maneuver your way out of a busy road. You may even feel overconfident when it seems like you are invisible while others are stuck in traffic.

The sad truth is, zig-zag movement combined with speeding may not allow other road users enough time to see you when you are breezing by. One wrong move into a blind spot could result in a serious injury or fatality.

Watch out for blind spots or left turns

You’ll probably agree that blind spots are one of the common causes of accidents in traffic. It’s not uncommon for drivers to merge and change lanes without checking their blind spots. This move can cause a quick collision with other road users, especially a motorcyclist. Since all drivers won’t take appropriate caution when needed, you’ll do well to protect yourself. Avoid the right and left-back areas of car users and other blind spots.

Let Us Assist You With Your Claim

It would be amazing if all road users can comply with all traffic laws and avoid distraction. Sadly, it’s not always the case. As a motorcyclist, you might be at greater risk on the highway, especially when visibility is poor. If you ever get involved in a collision or accident with another road user, you need all the help you can get to get the compensation you deserve. It’s best to let experienced Phoenix injury lawyers handle your case. You will not only get personalized service if you need them to come to your home but also the best outcome for your case.

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