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What Happens If a Car Accident Involves a DUI or Semi Truck?

Car accidents happen every day in the city of Phoenix. But just because Phoenix car accidents are a common occurrence doesn’t change the fact that they can be very traumatic. Not only can car accidents cause serious injuries or even death, they can also involve many different factors. That’s why it’s important for anyone involved in an accident to speak with a Phoenix attorney as soon as possible. By promptly taking advantage of a free consultation with a Phoenix car accident attorney, you can get a professional opinion about the merits that your potential claim may have.


While there is no substitute for actually meeting with an attorney, you may already have questions about specific details of your case. To help shed some light on those questions, we want to cover two issues that often go along with Phoenix car accident:


Phoenix Car Accidents Caused By DUI


When someone makes the decision to get behind the wheel while they are drunk, they’re not only jeopardizing their own life. They are also putting the safety of everyone else on the road at risk. One of the unfortunate realities of DUI accidents in Phoenix is they often involve much more serious injuries than other types of car accidents.


The questions that victims of DUI crashes have are generally related to the specifics of liability. For example, you may wonder if you can sue for punitive damages. You may also have questions about collecting from the insurance company of a drunk driver. The simple answer to both of those questions is yes. With that being said, every case has its unique elements, which is why it’s important to speak with a Phoenix car accident attorney who can provide answers in the context of your specific case.


One other important question that often comes up is if a drunk driver who’s cleared by the police can still be sued. Victims of an accident involving this kind of driver will be relieved to know that regardless of what happens in criminal court, the door is still open to bring forward a lawsuit in civil court.


Semi Trucks Can Cause Car Accidents in Phoenix


Although trucking accidents have a lot in common with standard car accidents, the large size of one of the vehicles involved means the damage and injuries associated with this kind of accident can be especially severe. A trucking accident can occur when a driver breaks a traffic law, makes a mistake or is driving when they’re too tired. There are several other common causes of this type of accident as well.


Regardless of exactly why a trucking accident occurs, this type of claim can be significantly more complex than a standard car accident case. Not only are there federal safety regulations involved, but the trucking company the driver works for is also very likely to play an active role in this type of claim. Fully protecting your rights without getting overwhelmed is best done through having a Phoenix car wreck attorney who can take the lead on the case.

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