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How to Avoid Slips and Falls in Your Phoenix, Arizona Workplace

Slips and falls constitute a significant proportion of workplace injuries. Studies show that workplace incidents rank behind motor vehicle crashes as one of the leading causes of accidental death in the United States. We’ve seen cases where employees who sustained workplace injuries related to slips and falls had to miss one or more workdays.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, workplace incidents result in over 95 million lost workdays every year. No doubt, anyone can get into a workplace accident and our Phoenix workers’ comp lawyers provide quality representation for victims who get denied workers’ comp insurance claims.

However, the best way to mitigate workplace incidents is to be proactive with prevention. Learn how to avoid slips and falls in your Arizona Workplace.

1. Establish Formal Safety Policies and Procedures

Many companies draft safety handbooks detailing processes and policies to prevent workplace incidents. A typical safety handbook itemizes specific instructions on employee conduct and handling of office supplies.

Mandate your employees to familiarize themselves with all the responsibilities associated with safety. You may decide to appoint a safety coordinator – an employee who oversees everything that concerns safety in your workplace. Take ample time to discuss safety policies that fit the current realities of your workplace with your safety coordinator.

The idea is to make sure that the safety coordinator understands what’s expected of him. More importantly, your safety coordinator should be someone with good people skills. That way, employees can easily approach the person to discuss their concerns and suggestions about improving workplace safety.

2. Conduct Routine inspections

One way to avoid slips and falls in your Arizona workplace is to conduct a routine inspection of your facilities. You may decide to go with your safety coordinator. Make sure that your employees are complying with all safety policies at work.

Keep an eye out for hotspot areas that are of concern and take measures to ensure the safety of workers in those areas. Go a step further and meet with the person responsible to discuss ways to improve the area’s safety. If you have had cases of slips and falls in the past, be intentional about correcting the incident’s root cause.

3. Maintain a Clean and Clutter-Free Workplace

The best way to mitigate slips and falls is to maintain a cleanliness policy throughout your workplace. Nine times out of ten, slippery walkways and stairways, cluttered office spaces, and poorly-lit hallways constitute a significant proportion of slips and falls in the workplace.

Some companies assign housekeeping duties to their employees. Alternatively, hire a dedicated cleaning team to handle all cleaning duties in the company. Consider investing in workplace safety products to consolidate your efforts.

A good rule of thumb to prevent slips and falls is to display “wet floor” signs in slippery areas. Those bright yellow signs serve to warn employees and customers of slippery floor conditions. Sometimes, people tend to ignore them, considering that they have become commonplace.

You can lay absorbent rugs and mats in high-traffic areas of the workplace. Finally, clear all walkways of anything that constitutes clutter to prevent slipping or falling hazards.

Try to keep up with trends in workplace safety products to further protect your employees and visitors from slips and falls. Hanging wet umbrella bags can make a world of difference for you. For one, they can keep your walkways dry and safe, even on rainy days.

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