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Important Things to Know About Workers’ Compensation in Phoenix

If you live in Phoenix and are injured while working, you may be entitled to benefits through workers’ compensation. All employers in the state of Arizona must carry this type of insurance coverage. While workers’ compensation is specifically designed to help out employees who get hurt, that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to get benefits.


Since there are so many different elements that can go into a specific case, it’s important to be aware of this information as early in the process as possible. What’s arguably even more important is having a Phoenix workers’ compensation attorney who can help navigate the various elements that can come up as the case progresses.


The Link Between Phoenix Workers’ Compensation and Personal Injury Claims


A good example of the type of complexity that can arise with a workers’ compensation case is the link between the case and a personal injury claim. The way these two proceedings can cross paths is if the injury on the job results from a non-employee being negligent. Personal injury can also come into play if there’s a defective product that results in an injury on the job. In this kind of scenario, both forms of claims may be valid.


Not surprisingly, there are very specific rules that apply to each type of claim in Phoenix. So if you found yourself in this kind of situation, you would want to be sure that your Phoenix legal representation was fully capable of handling this added complexity. Keep in mind that with one or both of these claims, there are specific time frames for completing the filing process.


Phoenix Workers’ Compensation Doesn’t Have to Involve a Traumatic Accident


Another element of workers’ compensation in Phoenix that’s important for people to understand is injuries don’t have to result from a dramatic accident to be valid. While that type of accident can lead to an injury that is covered by workers’ compensation, there are plenty of other injuries that fall under that umbrella as well. For example, injuries that occur on a gradual basis or that result from accumulative damage are likely to be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.


Understanding the No-Fault System


When people start looking into the details of workers’ compensation, they may be surprised to learn that pursuing this type of claim involves giving up certain rights. However, in exchange for giving up those rights in relation to this specific legal avenue, an individual who’s filing a workers’ compensation claim will get things back in return.


For many, the biggest benefit that comes from this system is the fact that it’s no-fault. By eliminating the need to show the party that’s responsible for an injury, the workers’ compensation system helps to speed up the process for an employee to get the benefits they need.


Phoenix workers’ compensation attorneys are very familiar with the processes that are involved in this program. That’s why retaining the services of this type of legal professional will go a long way towards keeping your claim on the right path.

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