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Personal Injury Claims for Extreme Sports Injuries

Recently, a veteran skydiver fell to his death in Eloy, which is about 60 miles south of Phoenix. Although this is a very sad event, it’s far from being an isolated one. In Eloy alone, two other skydiving deaths have occurred since the start of 2016. One of those deaths was the result of a parachute collapsing.


While skydiving is unquestionably a very dangerous activity, serious injuries and even death aren’t limited to this very extreme sport. According to The New York Times, more than four million injuries attributed to extreme sports of all types occurred from 2000 through 2011. Unlike the recent skydiving death in Eloy, many of these serious accidents don’t involve veterans with lots of experience under the belt. Instead, they’re often the result of young people who see tricks on YouTube or television and then try to do those activities themselves.


Understanding Responsibility for Extreme Sports Injuries in Phoenix


From skydiving to skateboarding, anyone who takes part in an extreme sport knows that they’re exposing themselves to the risk of injury. Reducing that risk is why people use different forms of safety equipment. Depending on the sport, this can be anything from a helmet to a parachute or many different types of gear in between.


Despite using that type of equipment, there’s a chance that someone will still get injured. The most common example of this is when someone uses a piece of safety equipment that’s defective. Given the huge role that this type of equipment is supposed to play in keeping someone safe, the realization that a product doesn’t work properly is quite scary. Minimizing the frequency of those events is why companies can be held legally liable for faulty equipment. It’s also worth noting that with certain types of sports where someone is participating for the first time, the company leading the experience or one its instructors may be responsible for the accident. This can be true even if a waiver was signed.


Don’t Hesitate to Speak with a Phoenix Personal Injury Lawyer


Due to the fact that there is a certain amount of risk for injury with extreme sports, some people are hesitant to seek legal guidance after an accident. However, there are countless examples of extreme sports accidents that are caused in full or part by defective products. Just as with traditional sports, when a defective product is at the root of an extreme sports injury, it may be possible to file a personal injury or other legal claim in Phoenix.


The easiest way to get clarity around this issue is to speak directly with a personal injury lawyer in Phoenix. Lawyers who specialize in this type of law understand that it can be quite confusing to people who are injured, which is why Phoenix personal injury lawyers offer free consultations. By speaking with a lawyer about an extreme sports injury you or your child suffered in Phoenix, you’ll be able to find out if you have any kind of legal case to pursue.

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