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Phoenix Personal Injury Claim Options for Employees

Although most Phoenix employees are focused on doing quality work on a daily basis, they are actually at risk of sustaining a wide range of injuries. Regardless of whether someone’s work takes place inside or out, there are ways they can get injured. In some cases, the injuries that occur weren’t expected at all. A recent example of this occurred when a Phoenix convenience store employee was hit by a car when two shoplifters were trying to get away. While the injuries sustained in this specific example are minor, they could have easily been very severe.


What Phoenix Employees Can Do If They’re Injured


When an employee in Phoenix sustains an injury that is both unexpected and significant, it can leave them in a very vulnerable position. Not only do injured employees often have to deal with significant medical bills, but they may also find it impossible to work for a period of time. These factors and others can put a lot of financial pressure on anyone in this type of situation.


The most common course of action for an injured Phoenix employee is to file a workers’ compensation claim. The purpose of this system is to provide various benefits. The benefits that are available through the workers’ compensation system include medical benefits, wages and disability. Keep in mind that even though this system may sound like a straightforward way to secure compensation during a challenging time, injured employees regularly encounter all kinds of delays and other challenges as they attempt to move forward with a claim.


Filing a Personal Injury Claim in Phoenix Related to Work


One important element of the workers’ compensation system to understand is it works on a no-fault basis. By opting to go through this channel, employees are basically waving their rights to bring any type of lawsuit against their employer. In a lot of situations, that’s completely fine and it makes sense for an injured employee to pursue a workers’ compensation claim. But there are other situations when this option alone isn’t necessarily the best one. It may make sense to pursue both a workers’ compensation claim and a personal injury claim against a different party.


The reason a personal injury claim may be the right direction to go is if a non-employer third party is responsible for an injury. Manufacturers and suppliers, independent supervisors and managers, subcontractors, and other parties like a driver are examples of situations where a personal injury claim in Phoenix can make sense.


Not only can a workplace injury leave someone in a lot of pain, but trying to figure out the right legal channel to move forward with can be overwhelming at times. That’s why the best option for anyone in this situation is to speak with a Phoenix personal injury attorney. By speaking with a Phoenix attorney who specializes in personal injury cases, you can get an assessment of your situation and also have skilled representation as you move forward with the best method of securing compensation.

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