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How to Drive Safely During the Phoenix Monsoon Season

The monsoon season in Arizona begins in June and lasts all through September. It’s a time when most people in the state expect heavy rains, thunder, harsh heat waves, flash floods, dust storms, and high humidity.

It’s not the safest time to drive around casually, as the showers from the season cause an excess flow of engine oil and other fluids to drain off pavements. That means you or another driver could get caught in a sticky situation only the best Phoenix injury lawyers can help with.

So, here are some tips to stay safe on the road during monsoon season, and helpful advice on what to do when involved in an accident because of another person’s reckless driving.

  • Slow Down

ADOT advises drivers to ‘Pull Aside, Stay Alive.’ Sometimes, that’s not always possible, especially when on a highway. Other emergencies may warrant you to keep driving even when the dust storms are raving.

The most important thing to do if you still intend to drive is to slow down. The rain during the summer gets really heavy, which means drivers can barely see through their windscreens. It’s easy to consider speeding through it all to beat traffic. However, that may only increase your chances of getting into a car accident.

That is why it is more advisable to reduce the acceleration and only drive at speeds that allow visibility and better control on the road. The safest bet, however, is to pull over and wait out the rain. Monsoon rains are undeniably heavy, but they don’t last that long either. Also, ensure your car is off the road entirely to avoid any crashes with oncoming vehicles.

  • Don’t Try to Drive Through High Water

When you are driving, it may be hard to tell how deep a flood is running. So, if you can’t tell how deep it is, it’s advisable not to drive through it at all. Water that runs up to 6 inches deep can make your car lose control, especially when it’s a low one. If you do drive into a deep puddle, get out of the car immediately and take refuge on the roof.

The next step is to call 911 if you can’t get to dry ground safely. However, you will have to ensure the water is safe enough to walk in before attempting to reach dry ground. At the end of the day, it’s better to avoid puddles of water, as they can make cars hydroplane, and ultimately cause an accident.

  • Be Prepared for Anything

ADOT is doing all it can to make this monsoon season more bearable for all residents in Arizona. They have recently installed high-tech dust detection systems that help to monitor the weather conditions. 2020’s non-soon as many call it, came as a surprise to both residents and the state.

With this state-of-the-art detection system, at least residents will know what to expect. However, while waiting for more updates on how this summer will turn out, it’s better to be prepared. Always drive out with some bottles of cool water, an umbrella, raincoat, some snacks, and a first aid kit.

Additionally, it’s advisable to change the windshield wipers in April, so they can handle any possible downpours. To be safe, check the weather forecast before leaving home. If thunder/dust storms, flash flooding, lightning, or heavy downpours are predicted, then it may be better to cancel any plans and stay home. It’s better to stay at home safe than get stuck in a sticky situation.

  • Remain Calm on the Road

When driving through harsh weather conditions, it’s normal to feel uneasy and anxious. However, such feelings may do you more harm than good. Try to stay calm, drive slowly, and take deep breaths whenever you feel anxious. Also, keep a decent amount of space between your car and the vehicle in front. That way, you’ll feel more in control of the situation.

  • Stay Alert

It’s not just the rain or dust storms that pose a risk on the road. Thanks to Arizona’s landscape, rocks or boulders could come loose or fall free from the hills and mountains. That’s why it’s important to stay vigilant when driving by sloping areas or roads surrounded by hills and mountains.

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