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Tips For Driving Safely In Arizona

Driving etiquettes are usually different in various states, no matter how little the disparities are. So, if you’re planning a road trip through this scenic state, visiting family, or touring the environs, it’s better to be informed. Here’s the good news; you’re probably not an alien to some of these driving etiquettes.

Driving without this knowledge could increase the chances of car crashes and other road-related accidents. And just like that, you’ll need to employ one of the best Phoenix injury lawyers. To avoid unnecessary hassle, here are some essential tips for driving safely in Arizona.

1. Take your time.

If you’re driving through the busy roads of Arizona from Friday to Sunday, then it’s best to get your patience game on. Regardless of the times we are in, people still plan trips and getaways at nearby vacation sites. So, don’t be in a hurry to beat the traffic. When in new terrain, it’s better to slow down, study the roads, and monitor the way the local drivers rule the streets. It’s quite crucial to calm down and take things slow.

2. Monitor driver behavior.

Statistics show that traffic fatalities rose to an all-time high in 2021 since the decade began. This news is ironic seeing as there are fewer cars on the roads thanks to various Covid-19 restrictions and safety measures.

Besides, road fatalities actually declined in the previous year, which begs the question, why the sudden spike? It all boils down to driver behavior. You’ll reduce any chances of crashes, collisions, and the likes by being vigilant and observant.

3. Avoid public or national holidays.

Labor Day is just one of the many examples of holidays you should avoid driving around in. In 2020, Arizona experienced a high peak in traffic on Labor Day. The reason is simple; there aren’t many national holidays where prudent workers get to pull off their ties, take off the waist girdles and relax.

So, most families, friends, and individuals will probably have travel plans on major holidays like labor day. It’s better to travel on weekdays that are less busy and have no significant events/celebrations going on.

4. Be weather conscious.

When it comes to safe driving etiquette, the weather is a major factor to consider. Most people flout warnings to ‘stop and wait’ during thunder or rainstorms. The average driver may also get away with doing so in states that aren’t threatened by the monsoon.

We don’t hear much about natural disasters, floods, or tornados. However, the monsoon season is known to get really messy in the summer. This period is ruled by heavy rains, winds, and storms which generally make the roads more unsafe. In July 2021, there were road closures with flash flooding as one of the major concerns.

5. Take snacks and water.

It’s always a good idea to stay hydrated. Regardless of what the weather or traffic forecasts provide, do not expect the accuracy to be 100%. If there’s ever a need to stop on the way, at least you’ll have suitable reinforcements to keep those tummy rumbles at bay. Plus, if you’re the type who prefers to stay in the safe confines of your vehicle throughout, snacks are a must-have. There’s be less cause to step out of the car until you arrive at the final destination.

6. Avoid Drunk Drinking.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s still a very valid point to note. Even one beer could make a huge difference, don’t count on your alcohol tolerance. It’s always best to have a clear head when taking to the streets. If you need to stay hydrated, stay within the options, water, smoothies, sodas, or juice.

Besides, in Arizona, a blood-alcohol reading higher than 0.8% could put you in a lot of trouble. There’s no point in being incarcerated or fined for driving under the influence because of irresponsible drinking. Sometimes, the police will still fine drivers that have lower levels of blood alcohol. So, it’s best to avoid any alcoholic beverages until you arrive at the final destination.

7. Beware of road differences.

Arizona is one of those states that boast of some of the most rampant roundabouts. Why are there so many roundabouts? Well, the reason is simple; they have proven to be much cheaper than expensive traffic lights and technical monitoring systems. When driving through some of the smaller cities in the state, just get ready to go round and round and round! It’s not that dizzying, but it’s something you should expect and prepare for.

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