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Understanding Your Workers’ Compensation Rights in Phoenix

Tyson Foods has been criticized in the media a large amount lately for pushing for changes to workers’ compensation that have detrimental effects on workers. This attention has served as a reminder that many employees are not fully informed of their rights in regards to workers’ compensation. Since even the best workers’ compensation attorney in Phoenix can’t help someone if they don’t know they should come forward in the first place, we want to help shed more light on this very important issue.


Workers’ Compensation 101


The term workers’ compensation refers to a collection of laws that are specifically designed to protect workers who are injured while on the job. The reason these laws exist is to ensure that if someone is hurt while at work, they can get the care and financial support they need to eventually return to the workforce. In the tragic case of someone losing their life while at work, workers’ compensation is also intended to provide supportive benefits to immediate family members.


Although workers’ compensation laws have a good intention, they aren’t without flaws. While issues like workers’ compensation fraud generally get the most media attention, problems like employees not knowing what they’re entitled to in the event of a serious injury are very prevalent as well.


A common misconception among a significant percentage of employees is that they’re ineligible for workers’ compensation benefits. While there are certain exclusions from this type of coverage, they generally only apply to situations such as someone injuring themselves on the job while they’re intoxicated. If someone has any reason to believe that they may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, the best thing for them to do is speak with an attorney in Phoenix. Doing so will allow them to determine if they have a case or not.


Another issue that commonly comes up is whether or not any additional protection is available to workers. There are actually several federal laws that do provide additional protection to specific groups of workers. Those laws include the Jones Act, the Federal Employment Liability Act, the Longshore and Harbor Worker’s Compensation Act and the Black Lung Benefits Act. The workers impacted by these laws include seamen, railroad workers and miners.


How Does This Process Work?


When a worker gets seriously injured, a common assumption is that they will need to sue their employer in order to cover their medical expenses and other costs. With this type of injury scenario, workers’ compensation actually provides an alternative to filing a lawsuit. While workers’ compensation is a different process than going through a lawsuit, it’s still one that’s best handled by the guidance of an experienced attorney.


If you ever get injured at work, you should report it to your employer as soon as possible. From there, you will want to reach out to a Phoenix workers’ compensation lawyer. By speaking with a lawyer before taking any additional action, you can be confident that you’re in the best possible position to move forward and secure the compensation you deserve.

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