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Is Workers’ Compensation a Requirement in Phoenix?

Although it’s easy to understand why some jobs are significantly more dangerous than others, what people often forget is all jobs pose the risk of various injuries. Even though settings like an office may seem safe, there are a variety of ways someone can get injured. From an accident that causes someone to slip to issues like repetitive stress injuries, there are plenty of injuries that can put an individual in a position where they’re unable to work.


When this type of injury happens, it puts the person who’s hurt in a bad situation. Helping people who are hurt and unable to work for a period of time is one of the main goals of Arizona’s workers’ compensation program. The way this program is designed to work is to streamline the process of enabling someone to get monetary benefits for a work injury.


Workers’ compensation does that by automatically holding an employer responsible for the accident (on a no-fault basis). So instead of creating a situation where one party has to prove that the other is at fault, the employer assumes it by default. In exchange for that assumption, workers’ compensation eliminates someone’s ability to pursue a standard personal injury claim.


While workers’ compensation can help someone who got hurt at work, that doesn’t mean it’s always easy to get compensation through this program. Plenty of people who have a legitimate injury struggle to secure fair compensation for themselves. Those types of issues are why it’s important to understand how this process works, as well as strongly consider enlisting in the help of an experienced personal injury attorney in Phoenix.


The Workers’ Compensation Process in Phoenix


One question that comes up is whether or not employers in Phoenix have to carry workers’ compensation. Since 1974, the answer to that question has been yes. Arizona law requires both private and public employers with at least one employee to carry this kind of coverage. So if you get injured at work, this is the system you’ll go through. As soon as possible, notify your employer of your injury. A report will be filed, and then you or a doctor can file the actual workers’ compensation claim.


Getting Expert Help from a Phoenix Workers’ Compensation Attorney


Throughout the course of a workers’ compensation case, there are a lot of different issues that can come up. Finding the best way to deal with those issues is why it’s so helpful to have a Phoenix workers’ compensation attorney on your side. For example, while an individual may think that a claim denial means they’re out of luck, a workers’ compensation attorney in Phoenix will know the steps that need to be completed to file an appeal.


While it’s always better to contact an attorney earlier in this process, it’s still worth speaking with one even if your initial claim was denied. An attorney will be able to review the current state of your case and then provide guidance about what needs to be done next.

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