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Workplace Injuries for Factory Workers: 8 Most Common Problems

Because of the workers’ compensation scheme, victims of workplace injuries can get the support they need. This way, employees don’t have to sue their employers before they can get access to the necessary financial and medical assistance. Also, employers don’t have to accuse their injured employees of negligence.

Still, this favorable condition under the workers’ compensation scheme doesn’t eliminate the place of caution. Injuries are reported to happen nearly every second in different workplaces in Arizona and across the United States. While accidents or injuries can happen anywhere, factories (which are well known for heavy-duty machinery, large workforce, and diverse work operations) are usually prone to more injuries.

If you work in a factory, this article looks at some common workplace injuries that Phoenix injury lawyers have helped workers with their claims. You’ll do well to know them so that you can exercise caution, keep safe, and also know you are covered if they happen to you.

Injury caused by machinery

From processing machines to packaging machines, and other forms of machines, factories are workplaces known to involve the use the machines. That means workers in these environments are at risk of injuries such as body parts being caught between working machines, sharp machine parts causing cuts, or even machine explosions. As mentioned earlier, you do not have to worry whether you were at fault, meaning your employer can’t refuse to grant you access to the compensation you deserve because of negligence.

Vehicle-related injury

The highways are not the only places where humans are at risk of crash injuries. Vehicles, like forklifts (used to transport raw materials and finished goods to and fro within factory premises) also pose a great injury risk to factory workers. Yes, Factories are designed to have driveways for these types of vehicles. Still, just as highway auto accident happens, crashes within factory premises are possible.

Broken bones & torn ligaments

Slips and falls are among the causes of these fractures or in factories. Slips are common with wet floors, which can also result from water spills, unmarked ongoing cleaning, liquid raw material spill, etc. workers are at risk of unexpected falls, which can happen to virtually anyone. When these injuries happen make sure you undergo proper diagnosis as some injuries are known to cause future complications.

Repetitive stress injuries

While this category of injuries is not exclusive to factory workers, performing the same type of tasks over and over is common in factory work operations. Examples of repetitive tasks include the use of equipment that vibrates or moves a body part repetitively, conforming to a particular work position, which may cause muscle sprain, etc.

Furthermore, using the same group of muscles in similar or same motion over time can cause, chronic/acute pain, numbness, loss of strength or motor skill in the affected part, leading to a drop in productivity.

Skin irritation, cancer, lungs & other organ complication

For factory workers that discharge their duties in a toxic chemical-production plant the risk of organ damage, skin irritation is high due to exposure to the toxic substances produced there. Exposure can be in the form of direct contact with liquid chemicals, toxic metals, and even toxic fumes.

One of the dangers of these injuries/diseases is that they usually develop after a long period of exposure. An employee may even have left the workplace before noticing symptoms. What’s more, the risk of developing long-term, fatal illnesses, like cancer is high.

Injuries from falling objects.

Because of the nature of operation in factories and the presence of different platforms levels, where workers carry out their duties, the risk of objects falling from a higher platform on someone below is all too high. Sometimes, workers may not be properly protected. On many occasions, the falling object may be very large, crashing on the victim, who may not quickly get out of harm’s way. Sadly, these injuries sometimes lead to fatalities.


Fire is another hazard that’s not exclusive to factories. However, depending on the type of factory, fire accidents may be very common. For example, you may be at higher risk of fire injury if you work in an inflammable chemical or gas production factory. Safety caution is needed here.


Yes, you’ll probably agree that factories are a common source of noise pollution. For workers in factories where machines make loud decibel sounds, they may be at risk of deafness after long exposure in these workplaces.

Let Us Assist You With Your Claim

Even with safety measures put in place to ensure safety in the many factories, accidents and injuries can still happen. By exercising caution, you may avoid some of these injuries. However, if they happen, you need all the help you can get to get the compensation you deserve.  It’s best to let experienced Phoenix injury lawyers handle your claims. You will not only get personalized service if you need them to come to your home but also the best outcome for your claims.

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