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Car Accident Claims for Multi-Vehicle Accidents

Early in February, a six-vehicle crash occurred in Peoria, Arizona. This crash, which happened at the intersection of 91st Avenue and Cactus Road, resulted in three people being taken to the hospital. The crash involved two vehicles landing on their roofs. It happened after one of the vehicles ran a red light at the intersection and then hit several other vehicles.


Of the three people who were taken to the hospital, one was in critical condition and the other two were in serious condition. Given the chaos that often surrounds these kinds of crashes, people often have a lot of questions about what happens next after a multi-vehicle accident.


The 6 Most Common Causes of Phoenix Multi-Vehicle Accidents


Before we cover the legal aspects of this kind of accident, it’s worth looking at what causes them. When more than two vehicles are involved in an accident in Phoenix, it’s generally the result of one of six main causes. The first of those causes is the weather. When roads are wet, it can make it much more difficult for people to control their cars. This is especially true on the highway.


Speeding and falling asleep are the next two causes. High speeds can create enough impact to affect multiple vehicles, while falling asleep can cause a driver to completely lose control of their car. Fourth on the list is driving under the influence. While alcohol is very common, driving under the influence of illegal or prescription drugs can also be a factor.


The last two causes are cellphones and police chases. Although police chases are the least common of the six, they still occur frequently enough and result in multi-vehicle accidents that they’re worth mentioning. And not surprisingly, multi-vehicle accidents caused by cellphone usage continue to increase.


Determining Fault and Pursuing a Car Accident Claim


One of the reasons people often have so many questions in regards to a multi-vehicle accident is they’re not sure of who is at fault for the accident. While it can be challenging to answer this question, police are trained to assess this type of crash through a series of defined steps.


Since multi-vehicle accidents often involve a significant amount of force, injuries after this type of accident are very common. Multi-vehicle accident injuries can range from moderate to severe, and can affect almost any area of the body. If you’re involved in this kind of accident and sustain an injury, it’s important to get the medical attention you need.


The state of Arizona requires all drivers to have insurance, which is why a multi-vehicle accident claim will involve an insurance company. Just keep in mind that insurers want to pay out as little as possible. If you were hurt and want to get the full amount of compensation that you deserve, it’s in your best interest to speak with a Phoenix car accident attorney and seek their representation for your claim. While a car accident attorney in Phoenix can’t guarantee a successful outcome, they will put you in the best possible position with your claim.

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