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Steps Phoenix Residents Should Take After Workplace Accidents

No one goes to work hoping for an accident to happen. The reason is simple; workplace accidents can be fatal. A simple slip could lead to a severe concussion with long-term complications or, worse, death. So, if you have been injured on the job, it’s best not to take it for granted.

Workplace accidents like slips, hazardous energy/substances, object hits, or respiratory dangers are just a few reasons for workplace injuries. Workplace injuries can leave you dealing with medical bills and lost income. Workers’ compensation exists to cover these losses.

However, it may take a Phoenix workers’ compensation lawyer to ensure you get the benefits you deserve. Keep reading to learn the steps to take after being injured at work.

  • Ask for Help First 

There’s always that rush of embarrassment or pain that overtakes most people who get injured on the job. However, it’s important to stay calm and don’t rush to get up. Some workplace accidents require immediate attention, for example, electric shocks. The bystanders or first aid attendants will have to administer first aid for electrical shocks.

On the flip hand, if it’s a slip, object hit, or respiratory incident, stay calm and wait for help. If the injury is severe, quickly ask a colleague to call emergency services immediately. The time factor is crucial when dealing with workplace injuries. Remember, if you are unsure about the severity of the injury, try not to move until medical services arrive.

  • Don’t Take the Blame 

It’s important to stay smart and guarded throughout the whole process. That’s because, no matter how loving and caring your office may be, no company likes compensation claims. So, if your manager or colleagues ask what happened, stay silent until medical services arrive. Do not, in any way, insinuate that it’s your fault.

You may need compensation from the company, especially if the injury is severe. There are work environments where such accidents are expected. They are commonly referred to as the deadliest jobs in the US.

  • Visit a Doctor Immediately  

A lot of workers who are injured on-site are mostly reluctant to visit a physician. However, you should consider taking a better route, regardless of any fear or reluctance for medical care. Visiting a doctor immediately will work to your advantage. If you delay, it could compromise the entire process of getting compensation. First of all, your claims may seem dishonest, and with insufficient evidence, your claim will appear weak.

Now, the physician may ask about the cause of the illness. Ensure you answer in the affirmative. The hospital should provide a worker’s and physician’s report of injury at this point. Please fill it out carefully, as it will kick-start the claim process. However, if the hospital does not provide this form, the ICA can give you a Worker’s Report of Injury form to fill.

  • Report All Injuries to Your Manager 

If you are planning to make any claims before or after receiving treatment, it’s advisable not to miss this step. After receiving medical attention, try and write a letter stating all injuries if you didn’t do that on-site. Your company has to be aware of any injuries sustained due to the workplace accident. It is one factor that will set the wheels for your compensation claims in motion.

After reporting an injury, your employer should do the following,

  • Your employer may schedule or facilitate the initial visit to the company’s physician or hospital.
  • The company may cover the initial bills when the injury is reported on site.
  • The company will have to send you the necessary information on their insurance provider.
  • The company should file all necessary paperwork with their insurance carrier and the ICA.
  • Stay Informed 

It’s crucial to pay adequate attention and take notice of all requirements for your compensation claims. Take note of all necessary documents, deadlines, or meetings related to your case. Skipping required information on a form, or missing a deadline could throw the entire process. In some cases, you may lose out on the compensation benefits, even when it’s your legal right.

Let Us Assist You With Your Claim  

At this point, you need all the help you can get. It’s cases like yours that put us to action. Let our team of Phoenix workers’ compensation lawyers help you get the compensation you deserve. We can meet you at home to know more about the situation and discuss the possible outcomes. Once we have all the details, we’ll come up with a winning strategy that will guarantee the best results.

All lawyers in our team are board-certified workplace injury experts. So, get in touch with us and receive the best services for your case today.

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