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Workers’ Compensation for Injured Nurses and Doctors in Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona is known to welcome thousands of retirees every year from many different states. With such an influx comes an increased demand for healthcare providers such as licensed practical nurses, registered nurses, and doctors. The need is almost always matched by the number of healthcare workers employed in droves in hospitals around Arizona.

Imagine being a healthcare worker in such a state? There’s a high chance of being well remunerated with the high demand, no matter your level. Again, imagine a situation where you become incapacitated for long periods at a time, maybe because of an accident or an illness. Is there any policy that offers you compensation while you’re unable to work? How much is it, and is it adequate, considering the standard of living in Arizona?

These are only a few of the varying questions we seek to answer in this article. We will be learning about worker’s compensation for injured healthcare professionals and how our Phoenix workers’ comp lawyers can help with your claim.

Workers Compensation Laws in Arizona

All companies are required by Arizona state to provide their employees with worker’s compensation insurance. As a worker with compensation insurance, you’re a part of a no-fault system, where no matter the cause of your illness or injury, you receive medical compensation and benefits.

Some of the benefits you receive in the event of sickness or injuries are:

  • Temporary compensation to cover your healing time after injury.
  • Payment of all your medical bills.
  • Job retraining or a permanent compensation plan for workers with severe injuries.

The state constitution created compensation laws in Arizona, where the rights of injured healthcare workers have been stated clearly. These rights apply to all workers within the healthcare sector, regardless of their position and employment duration.

The fundamental rights every worker is entitled to are;

  • Once injured, a worker has full rights to medical treatment and total compensation if they have to take time off work. The payment will differ, depending on the severity of your injury. This means it might be a short-term or long-term compensation, depending on the type of sickness or injury you have.
  • All full-time or part-time employees have the right to compensation once they suffer injuries while on the job. These rights don’t apply if the worker intentionally inflicts the injuries.
  • You have the right to choose a consulting doctor for your injuries and illnesses. This is relevant because getting the help you desire helps you heal faster and also helps give you the support you need during these times.

Common Injuries for Healthcare Workers

The primary concern in Arizona concerning their healthcare workers is injury. This stems from the fact that healthcare workers are more likely to suffer injuries and illnesses while on the job than with any other profession.

Every single day, healthcare workers are exposed to many hazardous conditions that lead to injuries, some of which include;

  • Exposure to radiation and toxic substances.
  • Shoulder, back, and neck injuries as a result of moving heavy equipment and patients.
  • Standing and walking for extended periods.
  • High exposure to many contagious infections and illnesses as a result of little to no personal protective equipment.
  • Exposure to allergens like latex.
  • Stress-related sickness, due to long work hours.

Types of Compensation Benefits in Arizona

When a healthcare worker becomes injured or sick while on duty, the state of Arizona uses the workers’ compensation system, which provides other benefits in addition to monetary gains. Some of the compensation benefits you can claim include;

Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational rehabilitation benefits are given through the ICA special fund division. This benefit is awarded when you aren’t able to return to your regular work hours due to physical limitations resulting from injuries from work.

Medical Benefits

The compensation fund caters to all your medical bills. With this benefit type, you’re eligible for reimbursement when you have to travel up to 25 miles for medical treatment.

Death and Burial Benefits

Death and burial benefits are yet another type of worker’s compensation benefit in Arizona. Notwithstanding your occupation, once you pass away from a work-related injury or sickness, your family stands to receive some death benefits, provided they are financially dependent on you. Also, the worker’s compensation gives your family up to $5,0000 to take care of any burial expenses. The amount and duration of all benefits received will largely depend on the dependent’s relationship to you, the former employee.

Let Us Assist You With Your Claim

Illnesses and injuries in your workplace can be overwhelming, especially if it threatens to eat into your finances. Thankfully, with the institution of workers’ compensation, you have one less thing to stress about while you recuperate. In such moments it is vital to find the right support system to help with your compensation case. The best person for this task is an experienced lawyer who has expert knowledge in crafting strategies that have your interest at heart. One of our Phoenix injury lawyers will go to lengths like meeting you in the comfort of your home and working with you to file your case by the law.

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